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The company has been engaged in cassava starch, corn starch, borax, caustic soda, sodium silicate (water glass) and the starch glue production of all the chemical ingredients of production and sales. Yes, I am Company's existing Thailand cassava starch automatic production line, with an annual output of 18000 tons of cassava starch, "Yu Shun" brand. Our company is strong in technology, testing equipment, according to QB1840---1993 Standards organization of production. My company produces Yu Shun licensing cassava starch in Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hunan and other markets by the users trust. With an annual output of liquid sodium (water glass) 60000 tons. Our strong technical force, excellent products, testing equipment, by the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the "excellent enterprise" product quality, industrial liquid silicone Sodium hyaluronate is manufactured according to the standard of GB/T4209---1996, sampling inspection quarterly accept the technical supervision bureau. The factory can produce various modulus, concentration according to customer requirements, can be suitable for the washing powder factory, Paper products factory, ceramics factory, foundry sodium silicate.

Main products: sodium silicate (water glass), cassava starch, corn starch, modified starch, caustic soda, borax.

Company spirit:credibility professionalism efficient innovation
Company spirit:credibility professionalism efficient innovation

Company principles:faimess reponsibility credibility win-win concept
Company principles:faimess reponsibility credibility win-win concept

Resources and raw material products has an outstanding advantage in the market
Excellent trade service spirit
Professional and excellent management team
Product supply chain stability
Risk control system superior
Rich experience in Logistics
Professional e-commerce platform