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Farmer dreams of making his own helicopeter

Farmer Li Housheng adjusts transmission shaft and fuel tank for his helicopeter in Ganzhou Village of Baitang Township in Miluo City, central China's Hunan Province, March 14, 2014. Farmer Li Housheng, 52, has started making his twin-rotor helicopeter since August 2013. The helicopeter has an engine transplanted from an agricultural motorcycle with skeletons made of angle iron and stainless steel tubes. Each rotor is simply a welding of four steel plates. The helicopter's control system including accelerator, clutch and joystick comes from a motorcycle. The helicopter completed a flight test with the fuselage hopping by 40 centimeters from the ground, according to Li. The farmer are now trying to meliorate his helicopter to make his plane as well as his dream to fly higher. [Photo/Xinhua]