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Scandal-hit school under probe

XI'AN -- The health indexes of 65 children who attended two kindergartens in China accused of illegally administering antiviral drugs were found to be "abnormal" during a health examination, local government told Xinhua on Sunday.

However, the abnormalities were not consistent from child to child.


d that the 65 samples shared common abnormal index," said an official with the health department under the government of Xi'an City, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

The official said he wouldn't give further comment before health examination of all 1,455 children is completed and professionals have finished studying the "abnormal" cases.

By Saturday, 664 children had undergone the free examination in six hospitals. The examinations started on Wednesday.

The official promised the comprehensive examination results would be published in time.

The Hongji Xincheng and Fengyun kindergartens in Xi'an are accused of having administered antiviral drugs to children since 2008.

Investigation has so far confirmed that the kindergartens gave children moroxydine ABOB to prevent colds and enhance resistance to improve their attendance.

Police detained the legal representative, principals and doctors of the kindergartens for illegal medical practice.

Police are investigating the sources of the prescription antiviral drugs, as well as the quantity and scale of their use.

It is suspected that the kindergartens bought the drugs under the name of a medical organization.

Meanwhile, a similar scandal emerged at another private kindergarten in northeast China's Jilin Province.

Investigation confirmed that Fanglin kindergarten in Jilin City had given some children the prescription medicine moroxydine ABOB to prevent them from catching colds and other infectious diseases, local authorities announced on Saturday afternoon.