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Efficient automatic edge banding machine BWM-105T

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Dongguan Bao Mai Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high performance sealing machine manufacturers, is the industry similar efficient edge banding machine price low to 59000, fast speed, good stability, high performance sealing machine sales hotline: 13923222528 Sheng Li
Efficient edge banding machine configuration: glue device, welting device, before trimming means, trimming knife device, finishing cutter, scraping device, polishing device.

High performance sealing machine uses the heavy drag motor, strong traction stable and durable. High performance sealing machine adopts imported appliances high control performance, control of high speed motor with LG inverter, inverter Korean brand make efficient edge banding machine better reduce the failure rate, the British pressure regulating valve to control air flow, so that each part of the workpiece is more accurate, processing and assembling of each process are in accordance with the technical requirements to product inspection and precise.

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